Tire Services

Priced per tire unless specified

Mount and Balance

This covers most sizes and factory wheels, additional fees apply to some sizes (over sized or low profile) and some wheels (reverse mount). Our definition of a mount and balance only has to do with putting the tire on the wheel then balancing the combination of tire and wheel, has nothing to do with putting on the vehicle, we throw putting it on the vehicle in with this purchase.


Flat repair

We use patch and/or a combination plug patch. Plugs aren't a professional repair of a tire .



Keep in mind this charge is for normal sized tires that do not need to be balanced. Does not apply to farm, Semi, or industrial tires. I.E. Skid Steer, fork lift, back hoe.


Rotate & Balance

This is to balance all four tires moving them or not moving their location.



If you only need two tires moved, we charge 5 dollars additional for every tire you need moved around totalling 20 to rotate all four



If you have a tire that you have mounted and it needs balanced we can do that on a new Coats Tire balancer, Our balancer has a laser showing where to put the weights.



You have a wheel that you need to take a tire off for a reason and one is not going back on. Just like the mount and balance this is for most factory wheels and tire sizes.


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Additional Fees/Charges

These fees/charges are added on top of other tire services And are not normally charged without otherservices or sales

Oversized Tire Fee

This is a fee that applies at manager descretion however is typically reserved for 295 and/or 33 inch and bigger tires


Low Profile Fee

Please keep in mind that many people consider their tires low profile we do not consider all tires low profile, typically all tires with a 35 series sidewall or smaller are charged this fee sometimes 40 and 45 series are also considered a low profile depending upon rim size. This fee is a manager discretion with the size.


Credit/Debit Fee

We gladly accept Master Card and Visa with a 3 dollar processing fee this helps us keep our prices low. We do take local Checks and Cash.


Tire disposal Fee

Pretty clear we have to pay to get rid of bad tires so if we keep them we have to forward the charge to you. You are welcome to take them with you.


Valve stems

Most valve stems are the 2 dollars listed some bolt in valve stems and high pressure stems cost more cant list them all on here but 98 percent of people require a normal stem. many cars have TPMS or (TIRE PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEMS) These system many time require special valve stems and repair kits. The Pricing and labor for these kits can vary so please be aware of this if you have sensors also please understand all of these sensors have Batteries and are a high tech device that can quit working at any time for electronic or battery reasons.


Stud replacement

This 40.00 dollars is for labor on most cars and light trucks for one stud only. This does not include the price of the stud. Some are labor intense, each extra stud is 5.00 per stud. Most of the time Studs just wear out do to use,



Lug nuts hold the wheel in place and can vary from 4 to 10 per wheel. Some Vehicles come with a 2 piece lug nut which allows moisture to get in them, this can cause swelling so the socket no longer fits. Best thing to do if you are informed of this is to replace them as needed.


Inner Tubes

This is a way to extended the life of some tires such as lawn mower or ATV tires

Varies A Lot

Sticky Weights

These are priced at 1 dollar per ounce many aftermarket wheels that require sticky weight and huge off road tires can take quite a bit of weight


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